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Meridian Schism: OmniVisor Series #1 (Signed Copy)


Buy Jen Valena's latest science fiction fantasy novel!

Meridian Schism: OmniVisor Series #1 (Signed Copy)

sold out

Meridian Schism: OmniVisor Series #1 (Signed Copy)


Anticipated Release Date: Winter 2017

  Technology invades every moment of life—perhaps even freewill. Cynical Arro wonders if there is more to life than constant streaming content, an online-persona and commercials. Meridian just wants to discover another good book she hasn’t read yet.
   Arro is shaken by a chance meeting with Meridian. He wants to know more about her even though that scares him.
   As they explore their connection, they are pulled deeper into the battle for humanity’s future. Will a glitch save them or be their destruction?


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