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Ithia: Magian Series #1 (Signed Paperback)


Buy Jen Valena's latest science fiction fantasy novel!

Ithia: Magian Series #1 (Signed Paperback)


Ithia: Magian Series #1 (Signed Paperback)


   Ithia, a self-described part-time hermit, would rather take a hike alone than mingle in a crowd. When pulled into a supernatural world filled with secrecy and deceptions, she is forced to deal with her past. An encounter with Tyrsten, a mysterious follower of an ancient spiritual order, changes Ithia forever. She soon discovers that Tyrsten expects her to restore his world with her untapped magical powers. Navigating a mystical land, Ithia is hunted by those threatened by her very existence.

   Who can she trust when she can’t trust herself?
   What revelations await her in the shadows?
   Will Ithia find her way home?

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