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Current & Upcoming Novels by Jen Valena

Magian Series


Magian Series #1

    A self-described part-time hermit, Ithia would rather take a hike alone than mingle in a crowd. When pulled into a supernatural world filled with secrecy and deceptions, she is forced to deal with her past.
   An encounter with Tyrsten, a mysterious follower of an ancient spiritual order, changes her forever. Ithia soon discovers that Tyrsten expects her to restore his world with her untapped magical powers.
   Navigating a mystical land, she is hunted by those threatened by her very existence.
   Who can Ithia trust when she can’t trust herself?
   What revelations await her in the shadows?
   Will Ithia find her way home?

Coming Soon…

Ithia Effect:

Magian Series #2

   No good deed goes unpersecuted...

   Ithia is on the run again, but not from the people she expected. The repercussions of her actions are felt by everyone on Ma'thea. No one in her life will ever be the same. Ithia comes to realize nothing is as simple as it appears.

Ithia Origins.jpg

Ithia Origins:

Magian Series #3

    Just as Ithia moves on with her life, her past comes back to haunt her.
   Now that the secret of her other life is revealed, the Magian world has to deal with the implications. Turmoil and revolutions over power and beliefs shake the foundations of Ma'thea.
   Armed with only her magical skills, Ithia sets out to bring stability to society. However, while she searches for the key to bringing harmony, she unexpectedly uncovers truth about her other lives, she must overcome self-doubt over all her choices.
   Can Ithia forgive herself for her past life mistakes?
   What is the force behind Fate? And what are its true intentions for Ma'thea?
   Will Ithia find redemption for all the chaos she has caused?

Omnivisor series

Meridian Schism:

Omnivision Series #1

Will a glitch save humanity or destroy everything?

Meridian triggers a glitch with Arro’s visor. Did he see her soul?

In a world where technology invades everything, all spiritual ideas are outlawed. But is there more to life than an online-persona and constant streaming advertisements?

Even under GovCo’s ever-present eye, Arro’s desire to understand this mysterious woman outweighs his fear of a potential death sentence.

Their undeniable connection pulls them into a battle for humanity’s future.

Will the cost of forbidden knowledge be too much?

Coming Soon…


Meridian Division:

Omnivision Series #2

   Technology has turned against society once again. Arro and Meridian seek help in unlikely places but soon find themselves back in the center of the chaos. Diving deeper is the only way out.
   Anti-GovCo hackers might be the key to saving humanity, but can they be trusted? Or will they only make the situation worse?


Meridian Fusion:

Omnivision Series #3

Stolen Spirits Series


Stolen Spirits:

Stolen Spirits #1

On Yona, Gifted women rule by the sword, and men are property.

Running from her life as a Gifted woman, soldier-turned-thief, Roya has rejected her elevated station because of her leader’s corrupt ways.

A band of renegade Elderwomen tempts Roya to steal a powerful relic from the Soldia stronghold. That’s the last place Roya should go. For her disloyalty to the Supreme Holder, the ultimate punishment awaits her there—death.

Enticed with the promise of answers about her mother’s mysterious murder, she can not refuse.

Against her better judgment, Roya accepts their gift—a handsome manservant, Kaiden. Posing as her companion, Kaiden’s friendship stirs painful memories of Roya’s past.

With the trap set, Roya finds herself on a destructive path to steal from the world’s most dangerous woman.

Coming Soon…


Broken Spirits:

Stolen Spirits #2

roya 2.jpg

Chosen Spirits:

Stolen Spirits #3

stand alone stories


Hunted to Oblivion:

Urban Paranormal Novella

Kole believes he is on a routine ghost-hunting assignment. Instead, he encounters his most unusual case yet.

Elana has been imprisoned in limbo for twenty years. Even the ghosts who haunt the building can not see her. She is totally alone. When the handsome hunter shows up, Elana hopes he is her key to escape.

Can Kole trust that she is not just another monster to slay?

Coming Soon…

Identity Crisis Cafe

  The quirky cafe/bar/restaurant is home to an eccentric variety of Sedona's locals and tourists. ICC's bartender, Eva Marrs, struggles to recover from her near death experience as she handles challenging customers, co-workers, old wounds, strange synchronicities and the consequences of her life choices.


Artificial Souls

What happens when A.I. develops a conscience?

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